september 11 :: remembering



I was home that morning.  Amy and I were watching a bunch of kids.  I turned on the radio to do dishes.  Heard about a plane crash.  World Trade Center.  NYC.  Went to turn on the television.

I remember seeing the second tower get hit in real time.  I remember the way Katie Couric went silent.  The pit in my stomach.  Kids outside, playing on the swingset.  Safe at home.

I remember when the Pentagon got hit.  Experienced physical, tangible fear.  I remember learning that passenger planes were missing.  Experiencing physical, tangible anger.  Sadness.  Weeping quietly so the kids couldn’t see.  Maintaining a forced normal for the kids.

Praying for protection.  Praying for comfort for the lost people and families who were separated.  Praying for divine protection for the firemen and police.  Praying for George Bush, Rudy Giuliani, all our leaders.  Praying for my wife and kids.


I remember thinking about how many people were slammed face to face with Jesus.  In an instant.  I remember the sick pit in my stomach thinking about all the souls slammed into eternity separated from God.  In one moment they lost their hope.  No more opportunity to reach out to Jesus.  Forever lost.

Everybody dies.  But you’re breathing now.  Still thinking.  Making choices…


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~ by jskogerboe on September 11, 2009.

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