youtwitface fad seems to be catching…


Late night talk show host Conan O’Brien coined a phrase for social media that is sticking with me.  He spoke of the future merging of social media giants YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook into “one giant time-wasting website called… YouTwitFace.”  Well, if “YouTwitFace” = all things Social Media, then I’m a big believer.

I don’t mean so much that I feel the need to be an advocate for YouTwitFace.  It’s just that it seems clear to me that social media is only gaining steam.  YouTwitFace has fundamentally changed our world.  Forever.  From this point in history forward, the world will function differently.  And I just want to figure out how to best communicate truth and live the John 10:10 life abundant in this new reality.

Still think YouTwitFace is mostly a time-waster, a distraction for narcissists, or a fad?  Check this out…



~ by jskogerboe on August 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “youtwitface fad seems to be catching…”

  1. I’m with you, Josh! As our global world shrinks, we need to find a way to stay in touch with each other better… I also think that teaching our children appropriate use of these tools is very important – we can’t forget how to develop and nurture TRUE relationships along the way…

    • Hey Gretchen. Thanks for your comments here. I can still remember the day @ Northwestern College when Dr. Erickson first mentioned the term “internet” in one of our chapel services. I thought it was some kind of computer communication system for Christian radio stations. You are absolutely right… we have some serious teaching to do, because our kiddos are growing up in a completely different world than we did. My friend Jeremy has done some teaching to youth about the healthy use of Social Media (YouTwitFace), and he suggested these two guidelines: (1) Make a point to eat meals together with friends and family (“breaking bread” together – emphasis on face-to-face relationships) and (2) Take a regular “tech sabbath” (unplug once a week – to keep your life and priorities in balance). I like it!

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