so this is how it begins…

baby steps

First blog post ever.  I’m like the new kid at school with a billion kids in my class.  Lord, can you use this narcissist-inducing self-aggrandizing media with broken, unstable me at the keyboard?  I mean… you CAN.  But will you?

I’m honestly not sure yet if God wants me to blog, or if I just think I want to blog, therefore I blog.  We’ll judge the fruit over time, and then decide whether to continue.  By “we” I mean me, my wife and kiddos, my Senior Pastor and other leaders @ Living Hope Church, trusted Christ-followers and fellow Levites, and… you, I suppose.  For now, it feels like a new season is on the horizon.  I’m in greater pursuit of my one thing.

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~ by jskogerboe on June 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “so this is how it begins…”

  1. cool! you’re gonna blog! i have one too, but it’s just a family picture update type blog. i’ll look forward to reading deep and profound thoughts from you!

    • Hey Tiff! You are my first ever comment on my first ever blog. This is indeed a high honor. :-) I snuck over to visit your blog, too. Very cool! I love your kids and your family. Great pics. God bless, friend!

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